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We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

Current Rabies Verification is REQUIRED for all appointments, please bring in the certificate from your vet. Please call if you have any questions. Thank you!

Spa Packages

Posh Paws Spa - Bath only Package

A Spa Bath begins with a massaging, cleansing and renewing warm bath. One of our top of the line organic shampoos cleanses your pet’s skin while removing deep-down dirt and dander (special shampoo upgrades available). We gently massage each pet  to soothe away tension. Spa Bath treatment includes nail clipping or filing, ear cleaning  and anal gland extraction, along with a towel wrap and warm air blow out to make your pet as beautiful and as comfortable as possible. Topped off with a bow or bandana. For the Pets that are short hair or pet not needing a haircut.

Bath, Brush, Nail clipping or filing, Ear cleaning, bow or bandana

*Breed specific pricing*

Posh Paws Light Spa Service - Bath and Trim Package

A Posh Paws Light Spa Service includes our Relaxing spa bath and then adds light trimming of the feet, pads sanitary area and a light face trim. For pets that just need a light spruce up.

Bath, Brush, Feet trim, pad trim, Sanitary trim, light face trim, Nail Clipping or Filing, Ear Cleaning, Bow or Bandana

*Breed Specific Pricing*

Posh Paws Full Spa Package - Bath and Full Haircut Package

A Posh Paws Full Service includes a comforting  and cleansing Spa Bath, then adds  breed-specific or owner specific Hair cuts, Full Spa rates are dependent on breed type and coat condition (e.g. matting). For Pets in need of the full service haircut

Bath, Brush, Breed specific Style or All over Haircut, Nail clipping or filing, Ear cleaning, Bow or Bandana

*Breed specific Pricing*

A La Carte
(Walk in Services)

Mani Pedi: Nail filing and polish


Nose & Pad Conditioning Cream - Helps Relieve cracked, dry & rough paws and noses


Ear Cleaning and Hair extraction (if needed) - Ears cleaned with organic ear wash


Anal gland expression (externally only)


Teeth brushing - Helps keep teeth clean and healthy

Add On Service
(must be added to one of the above packages)

De skunk shampoo

$10 & Up

Deep Conditioning Treatment


De shedding service

(deshedding shampoo and furminator)

$20 & Up

Flea and Tick removal

$10 & Up

Touch of color


Facial Scrubs - Cucumber tear free facial cleanser


Hotspot Relief Balm or Spray - Helps soothe hotspots



Micro bubble dog baths are a modern and innovative approach to bathing your dog. They involve using specially designed equipment that generates a dense concentration of tiny, oxygen-rich bubbles in the water. These bubbles are so small that they can penetrate deep into your dog’s fur and skin, providing a gentle and thorough cleaning experience.

Breed Specific Pricing for Posh Paws Spa Bath

Prices go up on Light Spa & Full Spa Packages

All Prices are conditional on coat condition, size, and temperament.

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